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Bad Ass Rain Rider

Bad Ass Rain Rider is the persona I take on when I am riding home after dark in the rain from work.  I like to grit my teeth and picture my ponytail flying behind me as I fly by the traffic on my bike.  I can also hear the people in their cars sitting in traffic who say "Why would anyone ride in the rain?" and "Look at that crazy cyclist riding after dark AND LOOK, it is a girl!"  Or maybe there is a cyclist who chose to drive that day because of the rain who is thinking "That is one Bad Ass Rain Rider Chic".   This is how I envision myself looking Oh the crazy thoughts that keep me occupied as I ride my 40km return route to and from Vancouver to Richmond.   In all seriousness, riding after dark in the rain was not as scary as I thought it might be.  The truth is, if you are riding in the city, it is never really dark.  You can always see where you are going and the bike route between Richmond and Vancouver is world class. Lighting and refl

Tour de St. George - A Few More Photos

Brenda sent me a few more photos from our adventure in St. George, Utah last night so I thought I would share them.   You can see the whole album on Flickr HERE . Here are a few more of the highlights:  A bit blurry but you can tell the theme of the day is FUN! Typical road during the ride.  Rural and a bit bumpy but the view makes up for it Smile never left my face all day A fellow participant from Utah also stopped to admire the view and take our picture.   Utah is a very friendly state Last rest stop of 4 on the 100km route  Grabbing a Bonk Breaker from my back pocket In the last 5kms of the ride we took a turn on to the off road bike path.   This section of the bike path goes through a driving range.  FOUR! Post event Mexican Feast A walk in the water park in the centre of town to cool down the feet post ride Checking to see if I am tall enough to ride the Carousel at the park.  Yup, good to go! Enjoying the Town

Tour de St. George, Utah

Last Saturday, I was in St. George, Utah for Spin Geeks Tour de St. George .  I signed up for the St. George 70.3 in 2013 and wanted to check out the town and terrain before May next year. Once again, it wasn't difficult to convince Brenda to come with me.   St. George is an easy 2 hour drive from Las Vegas.  You may not be aware, but Las Vegas is on of the cheapest places to rent a car.  For under $200, I rented a Jeep Liberty (more than big enough for 2 bikes and gear for 2 women) for 5 days. The road ahead about 30 mins from St. George on Hwy 15 Red Rock Bicycle Company was one of the event sponsor and the location of package pick up.  When we arrived in town, went to check it out.  The bike shop is a good size with both road and mountain bikes and gear. Me Thumbs Up Brenda Thumbs Up Event morning the weather was chilly but still warm enough for just a jersey and bike shorts.  Most of the locals were bundled up like it was winter but

Challenge Penticton - My Choice for 2013

Back in August, Tim , Ellen and I took a trip up to Penticton BC to volunteer for the 30th Anniversary of Ironman Canada.   Days before we were set to travel to the Okanagan, it was announced that this would be the final year of Ironman Canada in Penticton.  A new race organization called Challenge Family would be taking over the race in the years to come.   Initially, Ellen and I were both a little sad.  Part of our motivation for volunteering was to get 'front of the line' sign up for the 2013 Ironman.  This will be my 3rd iron distance race and Ellen is signing up for the 1st time.   This sadness didn't last long.   The opportunity to take part in the inaugural North American Challenge Family event was just to exciting to be sad about Ironman leaving.  Since then, Ironman Canada has announced that it will be moving to Whistler, BC. When Ironman Canada was in progress, we took off for a 100km ride of our own off the bike course.  Twin Lakes ride

Wannawafel Victoria BC

This weekend my family and I spent a rainy weekend in Victoria BC.  We had heard a lot about Wannawafel from friends and put it on our 'must do' list this trip.   Tim and Jamieson each had a Strawberry, Whipped Cream and Ice Cream Traditional Waffle I had the Banana Split Traditional Waffle Both were delicious.  I have to say that the three waffles and a cup of coffee came to $32.  Not a cheap dessert but well worth it as a treat.   I am very happy that we don't have one of these in Steveston or anywhere close to my work place.  Could be an expensive and very fattening situation. Wannawafel #102 - -560 Johnson Street Market Square, Victoria BC

Road Bike Party for Men Only?

Excuse me while I step up on my soap box. By now, if you are an avid cyclist, have probably seen this YouTube video.   It is a series of amazing stunts done on a Pinarello Dogma 2, the same bike Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France on this year.  A very high priced machine to be doing these crazy moves on.  The numerous "don't try this at home" disclaimers make you want to watch it even more.   So I watched it and LOVED it until... ...minute 5 of this 5:20 video came up and punched me in the gut.   Women who have watched this video will know exactly what I am talking about.  As female cyclist, who knows MANY STONG FEMALE cyclists, the sight of 2 women washing this bike really angered my blood.   Using female models to sell is nothing new or unique.  I am certainly aware that the majority of cyclists out there who purchase a $10K bike are men and I suppose that this type of video appeals to them (although some of the comments on YouTube don'

Family Hike in North Vancouver

The long weekend before school started in September, I planned a family hike.  I figured it was the last weekend of the summer where we could all be together to enjoy the weather and the outdoors.   Norvan Falls is an easy day hike on a very well marked trail starting from Lynn Headwaters Regional Park in North Vancouver. Of course, this was my vision of a perfect way to spend the day but my family didn't exactly share the same opinion.   Lately, a certain 13 year old in my household would rather sleep all day and avoid his family at all cost.  A hike in the woods was NOT his idea of an awesome day.   As you will see from the photos, hiking wasn't the terrible torture he expected and he might have actually enjoyed himself. Inukshuk building at its best. Getting close to being the same height.  Yikes! Norvan Falls The Family and Falls Close up Say Cheese! How the 13 year old really feels about posing for another photo with

Bellingham Bay Half Marathon

Last weekend I ran the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon .   This was my 3rd time running the half in Bellingham and by far the best.   This race is a small, very well organized and beautiful marathon and half marathon.  If you live in the area and haven't done it, put it on your calendar for 2013.   The past 2 years, the weather was more fall-like than this year.  Last year the winds were high and I had to hold onto my hat (literally) for the last 5kms.   This year, the weather was PERFECT for running.  Sunny, no wind and about 15C. 200m to go and feeling great Note Tim on the right side of the photo behind the fence (black shirt with red sleeves). Keep your eye on him . And now... And now...Perfect execution of the PHOTO BOMB.   I suppose when you have travelled to as many races as we have, you need to think of creative ways to entertain yourself.   I was completely oblivious to any of this during the run. My attemp