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Blog Neglect and Updates All In One

Well, once again I have fallen off the blog wagon (even though it was one of my 2012 resolutions).  Not surprizingly, it is not the only resolution have failed to keep.  *sigh* I have been taking care of my shoulder and have a new Physiotherapist after a referral to a Sports Medicine doctor at UBC.  Now, the work is up to me to do the exercises to strengthen my upper back.  Turns out I have extremely loose shoulder joints that have a tendency to roll forward (picture hunch back) and pinch the nerves in the front of my shoulder.  I have started back swimming and am very happy about that. In March, I did not enter an event after our trip to Spain until April when I completed the Delta Sprint Triathlon .  I have done this event for the past 5 or 6 years and love it.  It is a great way to start the triathlon season.  Great grassroots community event for the beginner triathlete all the way up to Elite status. Now, with May almost over, I have not entered an event this month.  I was si