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Weekend in the Community

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.   Saturday was the annual Steveston Craft Fair and official start to my holiday gift buying.  It was great to see so many familar faces selling and buying crafts and baked good.   Today started by participating in the Run Inn The Woods to support the BC Cancer Foundation.  Thank you The SAA for supporting the event and thank to The Run Inn for hosting for a 17th year in a row.  The event included either an 8km run or 3km walk in Pacific Spirit Park.  The  weather was a cold -5C but the coffee and treats back at The Run Inn helped thaw everyone out. This afternoon, I gave blood.  This is only my 2nd time giving blood.  The first time was over 5 years ago.  The process is relatively painless.  The anticipation of the needle is worse than the reality of it.  Once it is in, you don't feel a thing.  Best part of the process is chatting with other people who donated while consuming the obligitory juice box and cookies.  I am booked to