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City Chase 2008

The 2008 Vancouver City Chase is May 10th this year! For the third year in a row, Tim and I will be working as a team. Last year we placed in the top 20. This year maybe top 10....hmmm?
Dear Friends: I've decided to do it for a 3rd year in a row! I'm going to strip down and shed some light on things!That's right. I'm going to help uncover something big: a cure for cancers below the waist. Cancers 'down there' don't get enough attention. Prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer... we need to do something big so that we can kick these diseases to the curb! That's why I'm running 10kms in BC Cancer Foundation's The Underwear Affair! Thousands of excited people are going to go the distance in whatever state of dress or undress they want, in either the 10K run or the 5K walk. It's going to be a lot of fun, and it all benefits a great cause. With all of us dedicated to this purpose, we'll put cancers below the waist on the run!I've agreed to raise at least $300, so I need your help! Would you please consider making a donation of $20? Use the link at the bottom of this post, and go visit my site -- and please take the

101 Year Old Marathon Runner I was sent this link this morning by a fellow runner. Watching the video, I am questioning that this gentleman is actually 101 years old. What do you think?

Official first day of 1/2 Ironman Training

Well, I am back from a fantastic trip to Disney World and ready to start my 1/2 Ironman training for the Lake Stevens 70.3. Yesterday I got my first 4 week block of workouts from the Peak Centre and today I officially started the program with a 90 min run (15.5 kms) in heart rate Z1. I am loving the warmer weather we are starting to see (although it still isn't as warm as Tucson or Orlando).