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Spain Trip 2012

We returned from Spain on Monday feeling very jet lagged but very happy to have taken such a great trip.  I will post some updates, highlights and lessons learned from travelling in the next few week. For now, here is a link to our photos.  They are in date order but are not labeled with places. I will say that we traveled to Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.  See if you can recognize any of the familiar landmarks for each city in the photos. Spain Photos - Set 1 Spain Photos - Set 2

On The Mend

Just over 2 weeks since my lower back decided to revolt, it is on the mend.  It has felt better everyday but yesterday it felt good enough to go for a run.  It was a slow and steady 5.5km with no real issue.  I was sure that I would feel it today but all is good.  I was very careful to ice and stretch it last night and go for ART/Chiro this morning. The plan for the next few weeks is to work on core strength and gradually increase my running pace and distance again.  I can't remember the last time I only did one workout in a 2 week period.  Yesterday morning, my inactivity got to me and I did a series of sit-ups , push-ups and squats all using various iPhone apps.  I hope do to these daily while away in Spain. Will be in Valencia for the Las Fallas Festival .  Celebrations have already started.  Below is a video from March 1st of the fireworks and fire crackers that are a highlight of the festival.  We have been told that the celebrations are 24 hours.  Needless to sa