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One Step Forward - A Few Steps Back

2015 is proving to be a weird and wonderful year so far.   The week before Christmas, I managed to jam my right pointer finger, damaging the tendons.  The condition is call Mallet Finger.  Look it up if you are interested.   The treatment for Mallet Finger includes mobilizing the affected joint for 8 weeks.   If you haven't realized how important your fingers are, try wearing this for 8 weeks.  It makes typing, opening boxes, turning keys in locks and using your iPhone a little more difficult than usual.   The good thing is it is was not painful. After wearing this for a few weeks, a running buddy was kind enough to knit me a finger warmer.  Because the splint is made from plastic, it made my finger quite cold.   The finger cozy got more attention then the splint did so I had to limit its use to running outside. As time went by, I started to have fun with the splint after a friend mentioned it looked like a hat. Two weeks ago, I was given the OK to start t