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Clearing the Cobwebs for 2012

You may have noticed (or not) that my blog has become a very neglected place. Like many of us, I have found Twitter and Facebook an easier and quicker way to throw my thought out into the world.  I was surprised to look at my blog and realize I had not provided an Ironman Canada race report or a report of anything after that. July and August this year were very self reflective.   Resulting in me leaving my job in search of a larger sense of purpose.  Basically, I asked myself 'why' a few too many times, couldn't come up with the answer and turned the page on the end of that chapter.  Of course turning 40 might have something to do with this also. My plans for 2012 are pretty simple and a straight forward.  No crazy Ironman training or marathon training, just keep fit and have fun.   This year is my 'son's year'.  We gave him the opportunity to choose our next vacation destination.  After narrowing it down to Fiji or Spain, we are going to Spain in Ma