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Delta Tri 2010 Race Report

I believe that 2010 marks the 5th time I have completed the Delta Sprint Triathlon .  It might be 6 times but 5 for sure.  Every year it marks the beginning of tri season for me and I look forward to doing the race.  I love seeing the all of the tri newbies mixed in with Elite and Pro triathletes.  This year the Race Director was Tracey Shelley (my swim coach) and it was the best run year so far.  Great job Tracey!!! I really felt no pressure going into this race.  I have not had as much structure this year as I did last year with my tri training.  In fact, I have only been outside on my bike 2x in 2010 including the race yesterday.  I did do a spin class once a week from January - March to maintain some of my bike fitness, but we all know that spinning isn't really like getting outside with your bike. My game plan...ok, I didn't really have one.  My husband asked me the night before the tri if I was going to PB the race.  I thought about it and said "oh yah, I have

Hail Trail Runners

Desert Dash Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee Ok, so I now have a new respect for Trail Runners. I knew the 1/2 Marathon Trail Run at Bootleg Canyon in NV was going to be tougher than a road race but....whoa! Even though it was super tough and I hurt for a week after, I am hooked. Good thing we have so many beautiful trails in the Vancouver area to explore. Click on this photo to check out our trail running adventure from a couple of weeks ago.