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Rest, Relax and Massage Day

I made it though the weekend and feel pretty damn good about myself. 160kms on the bike on Saturday then a 2.5 hour run on Sunday night...check and check. I even managed to fit in a friend's 40th birthday bash and Jamieson's final track meet of the season. Thank god today is a rest day! Tonight I am heading to Past Tense for a massage. Boy do my legs need that tonight. Happy training!

Want to join us for 160km on the bike?

Tomorrow will be a new longest ride for me. On the schedule is 160kms. Starting at 7:30am tomorrow, this is the route the SAA will be riding. Feel free to come out and cheer us on. As you can see, it isn't exactly 160kms so I will need to do a few extra loops of the parking lot or a quick out and back to start. Nothing worse than getting back to your starting point a few kms short and making them up at the end. Looks like a nice hilly one also. Eeek! 160km Tsawwassen to Ft Langley Find more Bike Rides in Delta, British Columbia

Longest Ride EVER!

I had a FABULOUS ride yesterday! Myself and a fellow SAA member (who will remain nameless for now...or at least until he tells his coach) rode from Steveston to White Cliff Park West Vancouver. The weather was great, I felt great and the company was great! I kept saying to myself, and out loud, "I can't believe we just rode to Horseshoe Bay from home" The distance in a car seems daunting let alone riding there. Amazing . The whole ride to 6hours and 19 mins and was 142.5 kms . Today, the day after, I feel fantastic. Today is a rest day so I will take it easy. Can't wait to see what Coach K has planned for me in the next few weeks. Only 40 days to IMC now. Happy Training!

Vancouver Half Iron Race Report

I first want to thank Tim, Jamieson and Brenda for being my super fans out on the course. Tim and Jamieson were volunteering on the bike course and had not finished their duties when I started out on my run. Brenda, who had been cheering on the bike course also, appeared on the run course yelling and cheering with her Blackberry in her hand. Through the Blackberry speaker phone, I could hear Tim and Jamieson cheering me on from their station at the bike course. Now that is some great friend! On my second loop of the the run, Brenda was prepared with all my stats. "You are 7th in your age group after the bike, if you keep this pace up you will be under 6 hours by 6 mins". Read on to see if she was right... My pre race week went as planned. Started carbo loading on Friday night and kept it going right until 2 hours before the race. On Saturday, I attended the pre race meeting at the race site and went for a quick swim. I hadn't swam in the ocean all year and I know it is di

Vancouver Half Iron - climbing the hill

Erin Lee Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee Tim and Jamieson volunteered on the bike course for the race on Sunday. Lucky for me and all the SAA racers, they were positioned in the middle of the BIG HILL so Tim was able to take some great photos. Check out all of them by clicking on this photo. He got a good mix of SAA racer and the pros. Some amazing bikes on the course!

Taper Week Activities Take 2

Photo courtesy of After my epic ride in Penticton on Sunday and my run along the Channel Parkway on Sunday, this week was time to taper again. Sunday will be my 3rd Half Ironman at the Vancouver International Triathlon Basically, I have repeated my Victoria Half Iron taper week activities . Now that I know that the formula works, I don't want to jinx it and deviate from the plan. Prediction for my race time...slower than my Victoria Half Iron but only because the bike is 4 kms longer (91 kms vs 87 kms ). Area of focus will be T1 and getting out of my wetsuit early and faster than in Victoria. Free time to use. My overall time goal would be to finish at or under 6 hours. I think I can do it. Happy training!

IMC Training Ride July 2009

IMC Training Ride July 2009 021 Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee This weekend was the 1st of three training weekends up in Penticton. Penticton BC is the home of Ironman Canada. It was great to have the supoprt of Tim in the SAG wagon. We couldn't have done it without him. And thanks to my SAA team buddies who kept me going on the ride. It was 34C at the hottest point of the day as we climbed from Bear's Farm Market to Yellow Lake. It was certainly a character building ride. Happy Training!

Husband and Dad Run the Scotiabank Half Marathon

Scotia Bank Half Marathon 2009 011 Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee I am proud to say my husband and Dad both ran the Scotiabank 1/2 Marathon on Sunday June 28, 2009. Tim finished in an amazing 1:39:11 Dad finished in an amazing 1:45:24 Now if only I could be as fast as them.... Congratulations to everyone who ran!