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Good Friday

Other than a physio appointment I booked for 7am on holiday (what was I thinking?) and a run, we have no plans today.  The sun is out and it is 11C so here we come Ready Player One.  Yes, a movie.  Indoors.  


My weekly swim distance increased this week to 2600m.  Although it was not faster, I felt stronger.  It is always fun to go to work with goggle marks around my eyes. 2600m 55:52 2:09/100m

Trainer Time

Although it officially spring, the weather does not seem to be aware the season changed.  Instead of being out on my bike, I was in the family room watching Netflix while on the trainer. 1 hour of strength intervals.

Running in Circles

Tuesday night is track night with Coach Powell .  With this week being spring break, official track practice was cancelled but I still had a workout to do.  6 x 2000 m on 6 minutes/km pace, 90 seconds rest. My legs are pretty dead right now so I was not confident I would be able to complete this one well.  I thought about not starting it at all.   The track was quiet and I had most of it myself.  It was warm (10 c) and sunny.  Perfect conditions to get it done.   I was able to meet all of my 6 intervals at the 6 min/km pace.  I told my self I would quit after 4 intervals, then 5 interval, then I finished my 6th interval.  Mentally it was tough to keep going but I didn't have any commitments after the session so there was no reason to cut it short.   I rewarded myself with 2 McDonald's cheeseburgers on the drive home and a steak and spinach salad when I got home.   No one is perfect.  Embrace it.   Point Grey Track

Rest Day

As my first marathon of the year is only four weeks away, it is more important than ever to take rest days.  Generally this tends to be Monday.  Today I went to the Physio for some IMS and Ultrasound on my lower back and left hamstring and calf.  I am familiar with having a tight back and hips but the calf tightness is a new development.  Stretching and some foot strength exercises are in my immediate future.  

The Long Run

Today's long run called for a 3 1/2 hour jaunt out to the airport and back.  I mapped the route at 30km but it ended up being 28kms.   Even though this was a rest week, today's run was tough.   How to sabotage your long run in few easy steps: Eat a excessive quantities of comfort food for two days leading up to your long run Drink beer and wine with your comfort food on the two days leading up to your long run Before you start your long run, think about how much you know this will be a terrible run Goals for the week to come: Get back on the wagon with eating well.  Fuel to workout  No alcohol 8 hours of sleep per night A few photos from my run today Burkeville watching the planes take off at YVR Terra Nova looking toward YVR

Espresso 101

With the opening of Sanctuary Cafe getting closer everyday, Jamieson and I attended Espresso 101 at Espressotec in Vancouver.   Beautiful Giro d"Italia edition Rocket espresso machine

Hard Days

Some days are harder than others.  Tough days at work, challenging workouts or lack of motivation.  Some hard days put others in perspective.  Be thankful you are still alive to experience those hard days. Rest In Peace Amy Lee May 10, 1935 - March 18, 2018


Two years ago after I herniated a disc in my lower back, my recovery activity was swimming.  Once the initial pain had subsided (about 8 weeks after the initial injury) I started walking and then swimming.    In 2016, I swam 80,000 metres and completed three open water swim events.  By the end of the year, I was given the OK to start running again so I cut back on my swimming. In 2017, I decided to train for a June marathon and my swimming completely fell off the radar.  For the whole year, I swam once for a total of 2200 metres. With Escape from Alcatraz on the race calendar, I have returned to the water.  I have only been back for 3 sessions now.  The longest one was today 2400 metres in 51:47 (2:09/100m).   Looks like I have some work to do if I am going to make that 1 hour swim cut off in Alcatraz. I feel more focused swimming will be in my immediate future.   Snorkeling in Waikoloa - February 2018

Big Goals and Bucket List

2018 The Year of Big Goals and the Bucket List April 28, 2018                Revel Mt Charleston Marathon June 3, 2018                  Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon September 16, 2018      Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon November 4, 2018          TCS New York Marathon Three themes for 2018 1. Adventure 2. Creativity 3. Self Care 1 Year Goals:  See above 5 Year Goals:  Qualify and run Boston Marathon and complete Challenge Roth