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Plans for the Weekend

What do you have planned for the weekend? This weekend I have a bike and swim planned for Saturday and a run on Sunday. I am also volunteering with the E-Venti Marathon . This is a marathon that the SAA supports by either running or volunteering for. I am going to be at one of the Starbucks water stations handing out water, coffee and goodies to the runners. Check back for photos next week. Happy Training.

Grouse Mountain Snow Shoe Instead of a Long Run

With my husband out of town for the weekend on a snow adventure of his own, I decided to have my own snow adventure. My son had his weekly ski lesson up at Grouse Mountain on Sunday and I need to do a long run. After trying to figure out how to fit it all in, I decided to substitute my long run for a snowshoe trek. I borrowed a pair of snow shoes from my neighbour and strapped them to my older pair of runners. It was a great strength workout given the hilly terrain. My HR only averaged 127 BPM and maxed out at 168 BPM. I am sure that if I knew the trails that I could have made it a more intense workout. I also could have skipped the stopping and taking photos. I think you will agree though, that the scenery was pretty spectacular and I didn't want to rush through it. The trail ahead at the beginning of the trek. Vancouver BC as seen from the top of Grouse Mountain on Sunday February 22, 2009. Self portrait. Had to take at least one of my red face and funny looking toque.

I Have a New Coach

Late last year and early this year, many pro triathlete changed coaches. Chrissie Wellington changed coaches twice, Simon Whitfield changed coaches and so did Belinda Granger and Hillary Biscay. BREAKING TRIATHLON is official...Erin337 has also changed coaches. As of February 9th, 2009, I will be training with Kevin Cutjar . I would like to thank Peak Centre for giving me a great base to build from. Paul, Mike and Lucy all gave me great support for my training and lactate testing. My plan is to continue to use Peak Centre for my lactate testing. Now that I am training for Ironman Canada , I was looking for a coach who could provide me a holistic training program (swim, bike, run and nutrition) on a one on one level. My new coach comes highly recommended by many of my SAA friends. Kevin lives in Penticton BC and has completed 30+ Ironman races and won the Ultraman challenge in 1995. He had great knowledge in both coaching and nutrition needs of Ironman athletes. I am now

Runner's Roundtable

Tonight I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Runner's Roundtable. Check out the February 16th West Coast edition here . For upcoming shows, check out Runner's Roundtable blog . Happy Training!

Monday Update

Just a quick update on my health and training. Yesterday I went for a 1 hour run and felt very tired but good to be back running. Flu is gone and I feel like I am pretty much back to normal today. Rest day today for workouts but I now stretch everyday. The hamstring feel tight still but no pain. I am sure that if I keep stretching and massaging it, it will be fine. Happy Training.

Hamstring on the mend, now for the flu

Just wanted to give a quick update on my hamstring. After 2 IMS sessions and 4 ART sessions, I am on the mend. On Sunday I went for a slow and steady 5km run and felt good. My hamstring was tight but not painful. After my run, I stretched, stretched and then stretched some more. On Tuesday morning, I woke up around 3am with the flu and a fever. I will spare the details but I am just starting to eat food again today. I am feeling weak but perking up with every item I eat. So, two setbacks in the past few weeks. Hopefully, things don't actually happen in 3s. Another day of rest for me today to recover. I should be ready for spin tomorrow and another short run by Friday. Happy training!

Family Fitness Affair

What do you do when you sign up for an 8km run then have a hamstring 'issue' and can't run it? You volunteer with the race of course. Above is my son and husband loving every minute of the 8:30am start in the rain/snow on Feb 1st, 2009. I was there volunteering also but managed to dodge the camera. My son having a great time using the STOP and SLOW sign. My SUPER FAST sister-in-law finishing strong! My brother finishing his FIRST 8km run!