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Shout out to The SAA on Phedippidations Podcast

A couple of months ago I raved about The Age Grouper podcast and I remain a loyal listener and podcast junkie. One of the latest additions to my iPod is Phedippidations . I learned about this podcast from listening to the 4 FeetRunning podcast and the Runners Roundtable . Steve Runner hosts Phedippidations and lives in Oxford, Mass. USA. The podcast is more professional than most since Steve has a background in radio and seems to really know technology. A few weeks ago, via Twitter @ steverunner , Steve asked for running club profiles so I sent him an e-mail highlighting The Steveston Athletic Association ( SAA ) that I belong to. I was overjoyed to receive a reply from Steve saying he would give the club a good mention in the next podcast. Today I was excited to listen to episode #163 and hear not only The SAA mentioned but the E- Venti Marathon and my personal blog. If you are interested in running and like to listen to your iPod while on your LONG runs, then try out a run

New Look and New Widget

My training is still going strong with only a few days off last week to recover from a pretty bad cold. I updated the look of my blog as inspiration to update it more regularly. Check out my new "My Races" widget from

Nutrition Link

On Saturday I will be spending the day in a strategic planning session for Nutrition Link Services Society. I would love any suggestions and comments about what is needed in BC when it comes to nutrition education and information.