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IMC2009 Training Program Dec14 2008 to Jan 10 2009

In 2009, I am going to focus my blog (and most of my life) on training for and completing Ironman Canada. Here is the training plan I am currently working on with The Peak Centre .

Merry Christmas from The 337 Family!

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Chrissie Wellington - Coaching Update

Chrissie Wellington, 2x Kona Ironman Champion, will not be coached by Cliff English in 2009. Chrissie will be coached by Simon Lessing...maybe we will see her in London 2012 afterall??? Here is the article in Triathlete Mag.

Santa Shuffle Race Report

I have to laugh a little when I title this 'race report'. The Santa Shuffle is a non timed event to raise money for the Salvation Army. It is not really a race at all...unless you are me and my Dad. We started the race at the front of the pack so that we didn't get slowed down by all the strollers and walkers. After a 3, 2, 1 countdown followed by Santa jingling his sleigh bells, we were off. The first mile I felt great but knew I was going a little faster than I should. About 15 minutes in to the run we did a quick stop at the water station for quick sip of water. This short stop also let my HR drop enough to feel like I wasn't going to throw up. We did another quick walk break just before the lighthouse and then there was no stopping us. Once we were around the corner on the seawall we could see the white tents of the finish line. With around 200m to go we both sprinted to the end and I really did beat my Dad by about 1 second. This would be the first time tha

Santa Shuffle

Tomorrow is the Santa Shuffle 5km run at 10am in Stanley Park . The weather is supposed to be raining and 9C. Oh well, it is ONLY 5kms. I am interested to see how fast I can run 5kms with my epic Z1 and tiny Z2,3,4 and 5. Cool thing about tomorrow is that I may get to meet Runningbebe . A real live Tweet Up! Race report to follow tomorrow.