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Grouse Snow Shoe Grind a Week Later

Much better weather this weekend for the Snow Shoe Grind.  Climbed to the top and a did a quick loop around the lower lake made for a great morning. Temperature was posted as -8C but it felt much warmer than last week without the pouring rain and wind. Stopped to take a photos of the Eye of the Wind .  Couldn't even see it last week in the rain and clouds Others on the trail this week. Sunny! At the top of the Snow Show Grind Completely frozen waterfall that was running last week.

First Grouse Mountain Snow Shoe of 2012

Once again this year, my son is taking ski lessons each Sunday morning in January.  Although this makes for an early start for both of us, it is a great opportunity to get up and out on the mountain first.  This past Sunday was our first time up at Grouse Mountain this year.   The weather was less than ideal.  Raining at the top of the Skyride and 0C do not make for great conditions.  As I started to climb the Snow Shoe Grind, the weather did improve but visibility never really became and clearer.   At the bottom of the Snow Shoe Grind (SSG).    The great thing about an early start and poor makes for a very quiet trail.   Looking behind Looking ahead I am LOVING my new  MSR Snow Shoes .  They are perfect for the Snow Shoe Grind and the local packed and groomed trails. Icy directional signage  This waterfall was flowing pretty good in the warm weather

Best Race Party Favour

In November 2011, I participated in a 5km swim relay with the Hyde Creek Masters Swim Team  .  The event could be completed solo or in a team.  I opted for being on a 5 person team with each of us swimming 1km. By far, this event was the smallest, most community oriented and fun event I entered in 2011.  Instead of the usual swim cap or t-shirt in our race package, we received a great travel mug.  But not just any travel mug.  It is wonderful porcelain mug with a rubber top.  Nice to see that the Hyde Creek Masters are also LMFOA fans.

January Book of 2012 - The Golden Spruce

Most of my life I have been an avid reader.  The only exception was right after I graduated from University in 1993.  I think my brain was done with reading and needed a break.  In 1995, my husband gave me a copy of the English Patient and I was hooked on reading again.  That book and the movie, released in 1996, are still my favourite book and movie. For a couple of years now, I have subscribed to Audible   and really enjoyed listening to a book or two each month.  I started by listening to business books that I found necessary but not that interesting to read. Then I took a chance and downloaded The Kite Runner instead of reading it.  I was hooked!  A good story with a good narrator can engross me for hours.  My most recent listen was Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.  I would never have been able to read this book from cover to cover so listening to it was fantastic. Still, nothing can really replace a good paperback read. Kindle, Kobo and iPad can not recreate the feel and smell of a