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Whistler Training Camp

Last weekend we headed to Whistler for some epic riding and running on the new Ironman Canada course.  I am not doing the race but 1/2 of The SAA iron distance crew is, the other 1/2 are doing Challenge Penticton.  The Challenge Penticton race is the old Ironman Canada location.  Confused?  Many are.  Regardless of which race you are doing, Whistler is an amazing and tough place to train which makes it perfect for us Iron-types. We drove up on Friday night in the warm rain.  The weather the next day was forecast as a mixed bag of sun, rain and thunder showers.  Every piece of cycling gear imaginable was packed for this trip.  Sleeveless bike jerseys all the way to thermal shoe covers and everything in between.  After checking in with at the Whistler Athlete's Centre, we met up with our group who was already there.  The Athlete's Centre has 2 options.  Two bedroom town homes or dorm style living with shared bathroom, kitchen and laundry.  We opted for the dorm room.  Two single