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Fall Cycling

Weeks ago, Ellen and I made plans to ride to Lynden, Washington.  We set the date for Sunday since it both worked for our schedules.  Every fall, The SAA rides to from Whiterock, BC to Lynden, WA for Dutch Apple Pie.  Both Ellen and I missed the club ride so we thought we would venture out on our own. Here is the route we took  Lynden, WA has a large Dutch population. Windmill and Bikes View down Front Street in Lynden, WA at 10am on Sunday  Another view of bikes and windmill  So, if you go to Lynden for pie, make sure you do it on Saturday.   On Sunday, EVERYTHING is closed Thank goodness we packed enough food and drink for the 85km round trip.  And thank goodness for ABC Family Restaurant in Whiterock for a BIG brunch.