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Podcast Addiction

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of triathlon Podcasts. You would be amazed at how many hours race reports, training tips, racing tip and information can be found in Podcast. There a large number of professional Podcasts out there that are really informative. However, I just discovered The Age Grouper Podcast and can't get enough of it! Check it out. Jeff and Eric will have you laughing out loud while you run or bike with their real life race reports and real life experiences of the average age grouper triathlete. Another great feature of this Podcast is that it is an "enhanced" Podcast which means that if you have a video iPod (e.g. the newest Nano) then you can see photos associated with the topic of the Podcast. Very cool.

Jonathan Caron's Orbea Ora

With my decision to do IMC in 2009 came the decision whether to stick with my awesome Specialized Tarmac road bike or make the move to an official 'triathlon bike'. After deciding that my road bike was going to work just fine, I was alterted to a resonalbly priced tri bike for sale the TriBC classified. I have never been one to buy used so I was sceptical. On closer look, I was very intriqued. This was not just some age grouper selling well used tri bike this was Jonathan Caron selling his Orbea Ora. The Jonathan Caron who finished 2nd at IMC in 2007 and who is featured in the July/August 2008 edition of Triathlon Canada Magazine is selling his bike on the TriBC classfieds? Yes it was true! After a few days of e-mails I was hooked. I headed down to Speed Theory to see if they had the same bike in the same size to make sure it fit. Victory! The size Jonathan was selling fit. A few more e-mails and the arrangments were made. Jonathan is living in Penticton currently