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Desert Dash - Boulder City, NV

Next weekend we are headed once again to Las Vegas.  Our warm weather and relatively cheap escape from reality for a weekend.  Of course, what do we do when we go to Vegas?  Yes, we do have some great meals and a few drinks.  We even gamble a little bit.  Of course we find a community running race and go for it. For this trip we found the Desert Dash in Boulder City, NV .  There is a 5km, 10km, 21.1km, 30km or 50km trail run option.  Now as tempting as the 50km run is...we are running the 21.1km distance.  The run starts at 9am.  The temperatures in Las Vegas are already reaching 25C so the weather will be warm.  From what I know, there is no support on the course so we are packing the Fuel Belts, Gatorade and PowerGels . Check out the route map for the 1/2 Marathon here . Anyone else going to be there?  Tweet up anyone? Viva Las Vegas Desert Dash!

Dallas Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon Article

This past weekend, my husband Tim  ran the first Dallas Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon.  Of course he PR'd his race at 1:38:37.  He was fortunate enough to meet TriBoomer  at a tweet up pre race dinner.  Brian writes for the Dallas Examiner and published this article about the race giving Tim and I a mention. Check out the article Examiner Article . Yes, I have added the San Diego Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon to my race calendar for 2010.  Why not?  I am going to be there anyway cheering for Tim, why not race myself. Happy Training!

St. Patrick's 5km Race Report

On Saturday I ran the St. Patrick's 5km Race in Stanley Park.  The weather was not overly inviting with the wind and rain but a 5km race doesn't take hours...they only take pace and hard minutes. My Dad and I were running the race together.  Well, actually, my Dad is much faster than I am but we did warm up together.  After arriving early to pick up my package and timing chip, we made our way down to the Start line for a quick warm up. After warming up, I ran into my friend Jim from The SAA.  He is faster than me also but closer to my time so we had agreed to run together (for as much as I could keep up).  That turned out to be about 2.5 kms. We positioned ourselves near the front of the starting line and the countdown started.  The gun went off and we are on our way.  I felt great for the first 2.5 kms as I usually do then hit a hill.  The hill slowed me down and took a lot out of me.  I did manage to pick it up again but not to the same rate as the first