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Perfect Face Sunscreen - Ombrelle Face 60 SPF Stick

IMG00145.jpg Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee I think I may have found the perfect bike riding/running/swimming sunscreen for the face. Ombrelle Face 60 SPF Stick comes in a tube about twice the size of a tube of lipstick or chapstick. Small enough to put in a Fuel Belt pocket or cycling jersey pocket. Ombrelle website It goes on a bit white but when you rub it in, it is invisible. It is not greasy and has a very dry finish. Plus with the 60 SPF, it has been very effective at prevening sunburn. The only draw back is the $17.99 price. However, I would buy it again even with the high price. Happy Training!

Iron Nun - Inspiration

In July 2008 I was lucky enough to compete in the same 70.3 as Sister Madonna Buder. We both completed the Lake Stevens 70.3. Regardless of your faith, Sister Madonna truly is an inspiration at 79 yrs old. Here is a story that ABC News posted on her today. The Iron Nun Happy Training! PS. Although I am a below average age grouper, I did manage to beat her. ;-p

Where Will I be Tomorrow?

Where won't I be might be an easier question to answer... Here is the 110km-ish ride I have planned tomorrow with The SAA Richmond Loop UBC Loop 95 km Find more Bike Rides in Richmond, British Columbia

Swim Seeding

North Shore Tri 2009 077 Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee Maybe I should have seeded myself with the 13 minute swimmers and not the 14 minute swimmers. Next race is June 21, Victoria 1/2 Iron. Can't wait for OPEN WATER baby!

And The Results Are In...

...and I did achieve most of my goals. I had a great race, beat my 2008 time by 9 minutes and ran the whole run route. I even passed a few people on the bike and run (something that rarely happens). The goal I didn't achieve was being an above average age grouper. I placed 15/27...ooh so close to average. I employed the same strategy as with the Delta Sprint and ate a PB sandwich and a bottle of sport drink 2 hours before the race and full bottle of sport drink on the bike. Note: Living in Richmond makes it great for flat running and biking. North Vancouver is NOT flat. Ride and run more hills. Results from 2009 740m swim = 13:20 T1/20km bike/T2 = 40:19 5km run = 27:06 Overall = 1:20:44 Place in Age Group = 15/27 Place in Female = 68/169 Over all place = 200/364

North Shore Tri

I have picked up my race package, had my bike checked, prepared my gear for tomorrow and I am ready for tomorrow's race. Below are last year's results from the North Shore Tri . I believe that I can shave a few minutes off the bike and the run this year. The weather is calling for overcast skies with no rain in the morning. I hope this hold true. My goal is not to walk during the very hilly run and come at least in the top 1/2 of my age group. 2008 North Shore Tri results 740m Swim = 14:02 T1/20km Bike/T2 = 45:49 5km Run = 29:30 20/27 Females in the 35-39 Age Group (truly below average)

New PINK Newtons!

Origional Newton Trainers - purchased October 2008 I am waiting for the new blue colour to arrive at ForeRunners Vancouver before I replace these. Brand New Newton Racers - purchased May 8, 2009 1st race - North Shore Tri - May 18, 2009 1St run last night - May 13, 2009 Feel SPECTACULAR! The ONLY kind of laces that I use for ALL my shoes

Whirlwind Weekend

This will be another whirlwind weekend of training and life. On Saturday I have another 100km ride scheduled then will be attending my cousin's wedding in the afternoon and evening. This means riding the 100kms without the support of my fellow SAA members. This will be good practice for IMC though. You don't race with friends there. I wonder if salty fries will be needed after this one? On Sunday, I have a 2 hour run scheduled and hope that it is better than my 1hr 45min run of last week. In the afternoon, my husband's family is gathering at our house to celebrate my Mother-in-law's birthday and Mother's Day. Hey! I'm a Mom...when do I get to celebrate? Hmmmm. Happy Training

First 100km Ride

No photos for this one. Trust me, it is for the best. All I could do was get my bike in the back of the Element and drive to McDonalds for some very salty fries after this ride. I actually felt great until about 80kms when I ran out of food and drinks. I should have stopped to pick up an extra bottle of sports drink on my route but didn't want to stop. Lesson learned. No major disaster, just felt really weak at the end of the ride. At least I was smart enough to leave a banana in the car for after. Happy Training!