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Delta Tri Photos

Delta Tri Bike 2009 Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee Here are a few specially selected Delta Tri photos. These are the best of the bunch. The others were not so flattering. Note to self: Cameras can be anywhere on the course. Smile at ALL times.

Delta Tri Swag

IMG00110.jpg Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee Because I was solo at this race, I don't have any race photos. Here is the race technical shirt, my race number and metal. This was the first year they gave out metals and it was a wonderful suprize at the end of a great event.

Delta Tri 2009 Race Report

I am very happy to say that I had a PR today at the Delta Tri . I arrived at the race site at 6am to volunteer with Kids Of Steel race. Around 9am, my duties as volunteer check in person and bike traffic control were complete and started my race preparations. My race did not begin until 11:30am. As instructed by my coach, I ate an Almond Butter sandwich 2.5 hours before my race and a full 16oz bottle of GU20. I then racked my bike and set out my transition. The weather was chilly and windy but I still felt that I could get away with a short sleeve jersey. To swim, I wore a pair of tri shorts and a tri bra top. Both of these worked out perfectly. By the time I completed my swim and was out on the bike the wind had died down and the sun was out (it was still chilly though 10C). On the bike a drank another 16oz of GU20. In this bike route there is only one hill. It is a highway overpass that you travel over 2x in the 2 loop course. Other than the overpass, I was very aware of keeping my

Delta Tri 2009

Leaving T2 in the Delta Triathlon 2008 (even though I am not fast, the outfit got me noticed) For the past few years I have participated in the Delta Triathlon. A Sprint triathlon organized by the City of Delta BC. This year, I am in the best shape of my life but have not been training specifically for a sprint distance race. I am curious to improve my times from last year. Here are my splits from 2008 700m Swim + T1 = 13:08 20km Bike + T2 = 44:49 5km Run = 27:08 Total time = 1:25:04 9/24 in my Age Group 68/168 Female 188/341 Over All Finisher Prediction for 2009: I am pretty sure I should be able to take of a few minutes off my total time. My bike and run should be faster than last year. My swim will probably be about the same.

IM Camp Schedule from the Easter Weekend

Below is the IM Camp schedule from last weekend. More details to come... 2009 - BASE CAMP SCHEDULE : FRIDAY, April 10 th : 7:30am: Camp Sign-in. Smith & Company Coffee House - WINNIPEG St. (off Westminster Ave) Penticton . Please come prepared to ride. We will leave directly after the ride briefing, once groups have been confirmed etc. 7:50am: Introduction to Leaders, bike routes for the day and weekend's activities. 8:20am -1:00pm: Cycling - Leaving from Smith & Co. - Rides vary from 40k to 100k (+) 2:00pm: Meet at Smith & Company - Run - 30 to 60min - An out-&-back route with group leaders. You can choose your own turnaround point. 4:30-5:30pm: Yoga. Shioki Triathlete Program. Trade and Convention Centre. 6:30 - 9:00pm: Welcome Night - Buffet @ SS. Sicamous (The boat at the west end of Lakeshore Drive) Guest Speaker - Dr. David Cox. SATURDAY, April 11 th : 8:30am: Cycling - Meet at Smith & Company - Ride briefing - Groups Assemble - Routes to be announced

The Pink Ladies Survive Ironman Easter Camp

IM Camp April 2009 011 Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee Well...we survived! We are back from a great Ironman Easter Camp hosted by IM Coaching and Coach Kevin Cutjar. I thought I would have time to provide daily updates but I was wrong. We were going from morning to night with swim/bike/run/eat/shower/sleep... That is all we had time for. Over the next few days I will recall in more detail the camp day by day. Happy training!

Off to IM Camp

Me on the bike in the Vancouver Triathlon 2008 Jonathan Caron on the bike in Ironman Canada 2007 (2nd place finish) He looks a little more comfortable on the bike than I do. Today I am driving up to Penticton BC with some of my SAA BFFs to start our IM Camp . We are all looking forward to an epic amount of training. I have to admit that I am still not 100% comfortable on my awesome tri bike. I bought my tri bike last summer from pro triathlete Jonathan Caron (the bike he is riding in the photos is now my bike) and have been riding it on the trainer all winter. Riding the bike on road is a different story though. This weekend will definitely give the me practice I need and build my confidence. Happy Training!

The Group Ride - Milestones

Yesterday the SAA headed out to Tswwassen BC for a group ride. Now that the weather has improve, we are seeing a bigger turn out. We ended up doing an 88km ride. This route is generally flat with a only 2 moderate hills. The winds were not very high but we did appreciate the draft of being in a group. One of our riders had her longest bike day EVER! Congrats on a huge milestone. Left to right: Larry, Ann, Me, Fay, Marinus and Brian. Here is the route we took . Happy training!

Tough Times Mantra

When the going gets tough with your running, what goes through your head. The following song has helped me through a few marathons and some tough training rides and runs. Sometimes I sing it out loud. Recognize it? Go, go, go Joseph you know what they say Hang on now Joseph you'll make it some day Sha la la Joseph you're doing fine You and your dreamcoat ahead of your time