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61 Days until IMC 2009

Can my IMC 2009 tracker be correct?! Only 61 days until the big day??!! Wow, that is coming up pretty quick. Feels like yesterday when I signed up. Training this week includes a trip to Penticton to swim in Lake Okanagan, ride most of the IMC bike course, and a 2 hour run. Thankful that the worst of my cold is over and I am on the mend. Looking forward to a solid week of training in prep not only for IMC but the Vancouver 1/2 IM on July 12, 2009.

Richmond Oval Family Skate Night

WorksafeSam at the Richmond Oval Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee My post race cold has really taken hold of me and I hadn't worked out since the race on Sunday. Last night was a family event at the Richmond Oval organized for employees at my husband's workplace. Skating is far from my forte but I did manage to get in a 2 mile skate last night with the family without falling or injuring myself. This morning I did haul myself out of bed at 5:20am for 2500m in the pool with The SAA. Of course it was the post swim coffee with the team that really motivated me to do it. Happy Training!

Victoria Half Iron Race Report

As many of you have already heard on Twitter, I ROCKED the Victoria Half Iron on Sunday June 21, 2009. Check out my race photos here . Did I win the race? No Did I place in my age group? No Did I finish in the top half of my age group? No, still secure as a below average age grouper Did I finish the swim faster than the top 2 women finishers? YES! Did I feel GREAT in the WHOLE race? YES! Was all the training worth it? H*LL YAH ! Am I confident that I am well on my way to a great Ironman Canada? YES! Ok , here is how it all unfolded... Thursday June 18 th I spoke with Coach Kevin on the phone to review my nutrition plan for the race as well as pre -race. After some fancy calculations, this was what we decided on: Bike Nutrition - estimated 3:30 hour bike time 16oz of Orange GU2O and 3 Shot Bloks per hour (spread out throughout the hour for hour 1 and hour 2) 16oz of Gatorade and 1 shot block for the last hour 500ml of water in my Aero Bottle I only have 2 water bottle cages on

Victoria Half Iron 2009

Victoria Half Iron Run finish Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee More details to come... I had a great race in Victoria on June 21, 2009. All my training really seems to have paid off. Feeling very confident for my next Half Iron in Vancouver on July 12, 2009 and the BIG SHOW on August 30, 2009. IRONMAN CANADA!

Orbea with Wheeltags

Orbea with Wheeltags 001 Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee Well, race day is on Sunday and I am READY to RACE. I had a few days of feeling crazy nervous but I am over it and feeling confident. My bike has been tuned up and is also ready to race. Check out the Wheeltags ( Tim put on my race wheels for me. I am not win my age group but my bike and I will look AMAZING!

Taper Week Activities

This week I will be tapering for the Victoria 1/2 Iron on June 21, 2009. Two weeks ago I took a day trip to Victoria to ride the course and swim the swim. Elk Lake was warm and calm. Hope it stay that way for the weekend. The bike course is hilly with no major climbs, just not a lot of flat places to really settle into aero position for too long. Here is what my upcoming taper week looks like: 1 Sports Massage 1 Easy Run 1Fartlek Run 1 Open Water Swim 1 Easy Pool Swim 1 Easy Bike 1 Temp Bike Friday as a REST DAY Saturday when we arrive at the race sight, in addition to the mandatory pre-race meeting at 4pm and bike check in, I will be doing an easy bike, 10min transition run and a 15min swim in the lake. I am ready to race! Happy Training

Family Photo

Lee Family June 2009 Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee It has been a while since I posted. Since my last post, it has been live pretty much as usual. Training, working, and enjoying the great weather. Oh, I did have a birthday. Not a monumental birthday, just a regular birthday. ;-P This photo was taken by my Dad on Sunday evening in front of our place. They took us out for dinner to celebrate my birthday and Tim's (which is coming up next week).