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Back on Track

After feeling exhausted on Thursday, I took some time to reflect on the week and how I got to Thursday.

Monday - Rest day and work
Tuesday - Worked and a 60minute trainer ride followed by a 45 minute run in the evening
Wednesday - Swim in the morning, worked from home, spin class in the evening

All of this seems quite normal for me. However, the one thing I haven't mentioned is sleeping and eating. For the most part I sleep very well. Up at 5:30am most days and then in bed by 9pm most nights. This was the case for last week also. No major sleep disruptions.

What WAS different (and lacking) was my food intake. AKA fuel intake. In hindsight, I am quite sure I ran out of gas. The tank was empty and I didn't take the time to refuel properly. Perhaps the 2 cheese burger meal with a large fries on Wednesday afternoon was not the best choice, nor the mac&cheese I then ate for dinner. And skipping my daily protein shake should not have happened.

Moral of this story is that not only do I need to keep track of my workouts, I really need to keep track of what I eat to ensure I am getting enough of the RIGHT food to FUEL my body.

Happy training!


Aron said…
The RIGHT fuel is key... great job recognizing that! Hope you are feeling more energized this week :)
Lora Abernathy said…
Check out That's where I track all of my food. It's helpful for us athletes because it lets us know our carb:protein:fat ratio at all times.

Way to listen to your body!
Penney said…
Good to figure this out now, it's all part of training after all. I hope you're feeling better this week.... I anticipate that daylight savings is going to kick my ass for the 5am wakeup tomorrow. See you there...
:) said…
Yup, eating makes a huge difference for me as well!
Unknown said…
You forgot to mention your one hour and 15 minute 'core class' on Monday night during your rest day. I recall you saying you struggled to move the enxt day, just like the rest of us!

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