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2011 Races and Training Camp Schedule

Since I am on a roll with my blog posts, I thought I would provide an update of races I am doing in 2011.

Will I see anyone else there?  Let me know so we can meet up.

I am pretty excited about this year since I am moving up an age group and feel like I am right on track with my training.

February - Pacific Roadrunners First Half (I know this has already past)

March - Family trip to the Grand Canyon (not really a race or training camp but still very cool)

April - Delta Triathlon and Easter Base Camp

May - Vancouver Half Marathon and May Long weekend training with Finish Line Coaching

June - Oliver Half Ironman

July - VOWSA Canada Day Swim 4km and Desert Half Ironman

August - Ironman Canada

September to November - TBD

December - Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon (maybe Marathon)

Hi, Remember Me?

Wow, has it really been August since I updated my blog?  Looks like it!

What have I been doing since August?

Well, I volunteered at Ironman Canada and signed up for IMC2011Ran a PR 1/2 Marathon at the North Shore Half Marathon of 1:51:29Ran a PR Marathon at the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon of 4:16:35Hired a new coach - Calvin Gehlen of Finish Line CoachingRan the Pacific Road Runners First Half Marathon (not a PR but a good early season run)
My training is right on track and going really well.  Knock on wood, I am fitting it all in. This past weekend, I was on the Run Tri Chat podcast by Kelownagurl (Barb) chatting about my training this time around.  Click here to listen to the audio.