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The Long Run

Today's long run called for a 3 1/2 hour jaunt out to the airport and back.  I mapped the route at 30km but it ended up being 28kms.  

Even though this was a rest week, today's run was tough.  

How to sabotage your long run in few easy steps:

  1. Eat a excessive quantities of comfort food for two days leading up to your long run
  2. Drink beer and wine with your comfort food on the two days leading up to your long run
  3. Before you start your long run, think about how much you know this will be a terrible run

Goals for the week to come:
  1. Get back on the wagon with eating well.  Fuel to workout 
  2. No alcohol
  3. 8 hours of sleep per night

A few photos from my run today

Burkeville watching the planes take off at YVR

Terra Nova looking toward YVR


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