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Osoyoos Training Weekend

We started our trip to Osoyoos, BC late on Friday evening.  Leaving Vancouver after 6pm on the Friday of a long weekend is not a recipe for success.  The traffic was terrible, it quickly started to rain then got dark.  After a knuckle biting drive we arrived in Osoyoos at midnight, unpacked in less than half an hour and went to bed.  

The SAA group had agreed to meet at 8:30am on Saturday for a ride into Oliver BC and back then up Richter Pass.  Many of the members are doing Challenge Penticton or The Desert Half Ironman and wanted to practice.  The morning stated out overcast and quickly turned into a torrential downpour as we grouped to start the ride.  Of course, we went out anyway.  

View from Hwy 97 at the #6 Road Turn

Ellen thrilled she drove from Merritt BC at 4am for this

Kevin, still in good spirits but very cold a the school in Oliver BC

Me, wet and kinda' smiling?

Tammi, Leslie, Ellen and me waiting to make sure everyone 
gets across the cattle guard safely

Shortly after this last photo, Kevin became so cold he had to be picked up in our SAG wagon to warm up.  None of us had brought the proper clothing for rain or cold.  We all expected hot and dry.  Sorry we brought Vancouver to the Interior.  Most of us rode about 50kms and called it quits.  A couple of die hards went 80kms.  

Post ride recovery trying to get warm in the sun.
Of course, as soon as we finish the ride and clean up...the sun comes out!

Later that afternoon, a group of us headed to Tuc el Nuit Lake in Oliver for a swim.  By this time, it was HOT and DRY so the swim was great.  The water was much warmer than Sandy Hollow in Utah.  Sorry, no photos of the swim.

Back at the condo on Saturday night, 
you would never know the weather was so bad in the morning.

On Sunday, a group of us wanted redemption.  We headed out on the Desert Half Ironman bike course.  Up Richter Pass, over The Rollers, out to the start of the Out and Back then back to Osoyoos the same way.  The weather was hot and dry causing a few sunburns.  No hypothermia out on the ride that day.  The wind was in full effect BOTH WAYS!  Believe it!

Stopping at the top of Richter Pass

Stopping at the end of the Out and Back

Regroup for the ride back to Osoyoos

Grabbing a snack before hitting the headwind 

By the time we all got back to Osoyoos we were spent.  After a shower and a few minutes  of rest, we all met up for a potluck.  Pretty sure we all ate 3x as much as we needed to refuel but that is what training is all about!

Monday morning, Tim and I went for a one hour run then packed the car for the trip home.  

Post Weekend Recovery Time.  
Doesn't everyone deserve a little chocolate milk in a wine glass sometimes.  

 Happy Training!


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