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Lavaman - March 2013

This spring break, my family spent two weeks in Waikoloa, Hawaii.  Last time we were on The Big Island was in June 2011 for my 40th birthday and Honu 70.3 triathlon.  This time was for rest and relaxation but I still managed to fit a race in.  

After we booked our trip, I searched the internet for any local races while we were there.  I was very excited to find the Lavaman was right in the middle of our trip.  

Lavaman is an Olympic distance triathlon that is a popular race for Team In Training groups from all of Canada and US.  The race is based in Waikoloa.  The swim is in A Bay, the bike is a mostly flat and fast out and back along the Queen K then an amazing tour if the Waikoloa resort area on the run.  The most spectacular and toughest part of the race is the last mile of the run.  The last mile is on Kings Trail which is a lava rock trail along the ocean finishing off by a 500m run in soft dry sand to the finish.  

This event is well organized, well supported by the local community and beautiful.  

On race day this year, the weather was overcast but still very warm for this Canadian.  25C was perfect.  The wind was low so the swim and bike were very enjoyable.  The swim did have some larger swells around the turn around point but no whitecaps or chop.  There is always wind in the area but the wind on race day was not a factor.  If felt myself warming up on the run to the point where I appreciated the ice being handed out at aid stations.  One cube in my mouth, a few down my bra top and one for each hand.  Crossing the finish line I was cheered on by my family and a steady line of locals and volunteers.    I proudly accepted my finishers medal and water pouch and promptly headed for the ocean for a post race dip.  

Special thanks to Pearl Izumi for providing me with a kick ass Elite INRcool Tri Suit to race in and Speed Theory Vancouver for securing my kick ass 2013 Cervelo P3 in time to take to this race.  

In a Hawaiian race tradition, we went to Roy's for a post race dinner.  Roy's never disappoints.  Amazing selection of local fish and comfort food dishes.  


Happy Training


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