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Family Hike in North Vancouver

The long weekend before school started in September, I planned a family hike.  I figured it was the last weekend of the summer where we could all be together to enjoy the weather and the outdoors.  Norvan Falls is an easy day hike on a very well marked trail starting from Lynn Headwaters Regional Park in North Vancouver.

Of course, this was my vision of a perfect way to spend the day but my family didn't exactly share the same opinion.  Lately, a certain 13 year old in my household would rather sleep all day and avoid his family at all cost.  A hike in the woods was NOT his idea of an awesome day.  

As you will see from the photos, hiking wasn't the terrible torture he expected and he might have actually enjoyed himself.

Inukshuk building at its best.

Getting close to being the same height.  Yikes!

Norvan Falls

The Family and Falls

Close up

Say Cheese!

How the 13 year old really feels about posing for another photo with his Mom

Artistic photo

Deviated off the trail to the river bed.

Taking advice on which route to take

Trapped between a rock and a wet place

For your final viewing pleasure.  I may be an Ironman finisher but I still cannot navigate my way across a roaring river (OK, it was a more like a stream).

Good thing I have a loving and supportive family with me.  

Happy Family Time!


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