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Family Game Night

The idea of family game night is a good one.  Although I am not sure if it isn't just a marketing ploy by Hasbro to revive classic board games, we really do enjoy it in our family.  We don't have a scheduled night, it usually ends up being Sunday.  By Sunday, we usually have watched all of our PVR'd shows for the week and are looking for something to do.  With the cost of going out to a movie being well over $40 for the three of us, this is a great option.

Scrabble has become our game of choice.  Jamieson, Tim and I started playing Words With Friends when we both got our iPhones and were hooked.  My parents then purchased a Scrabble game that we played when we visited.  Even at Christmas, we had a wonderful brunch then played Scrabble for the rest of the afternoon.  Growing up, my family never played Scrabble so it is funny that this has become our game of choice.  In addition to ski lessons at Grouse Mountain, my parents gave Jamieson a travel Scrabble game set for Christmas this past year.  The Scrabble game was received with much more enthusiasm than the much more expensive ski lessons.   The game has seen quite a bit of action since then and will accompany us to Spain at spring break.  Perhaps we will play in Spanish for an extra challenge?


I think it's so cool the he liked the simple board game with family more than the lessons. But both will come in handy of course. :)

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