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Falling Apart?

One of my 12 resolutions for 2012 was to stretch more.  Based on my current state, stretching more has not been enough.  I need to really incorporate a stretching routine in to my DAILY life.  

In addition to my shoulder/bicep issue, I have managed to really bugger up my lower back.

About 6kms into my 24km run this past Sunday, I felt my lower back tighten up.  I was wearing my Fuel Belt with all 4 bottles full, 2 packages of Gu Chomps, my iPhone and car keys.  I would estimate that the belt was about 5 lbs of extra weight that I have not been used to running with lately.  In addition, perhaps to the extra weight I have put on since Ironman.  As I was running up a short hill around the 6km mark, my back suddenly and quickly tightened up.  I stopped, leaned forward and touched my toes to stretch it out but it didn't seem to pass.  

So I did what any rational athlete would do.  I kept running thinking the running would loosen it up.  

Well, let me tell you, it did not loosen up.  And when I stopped running it became even tighter.  And let me tell you, 2 days later I am still unable to bend at the waist, sit or walk.

I am off to the Dr. today.  I had originally set the appointment to have my shoulder/bicep looked at and request some additional diagnostic tests.  Now I a second issue for her to advise me on.

Hopefully nothing else in my body breaks down before my appointment this afternoon.  

Fingers crossed.


Penney said…
Rational athlete... a new kind of oxymoron. ;)
Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing!

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