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Hail to the Trail

Saturday July 24th marked my first trail run at home.  Back in March, Tim and I did a trail run in Nevada but this trail race was VERY different.  Much bigger elevation gain and loss, plus some very technical roots and rocks.

This race was the 4th in the 5 Peaks BC series and reportedly the most difficult one.  Of course, I didn't know that until the end of the race.  

All I could do at the end of the race was get myself home, showered and into bed for the rest of the day.  Most of Sunday was a write off also.  So tired!  Not to mention the black and blue bruise on the bottom of my left forefoot from full force impact with a sharp rock.

Overall, it was a TOUGH run but very rewarding.  It took me 2:08:35 to complete the 11km route and I placed 180/186 who ran.  Not a great showing but certainly gave me respect for the trails.  Give me an Ironman any day!  

Getting ready for the race

Chair lifts
Less than 1km into the race, looking strong.
End of the 1st loop, feeling it. 
6kms into the race


Sounds like a very cool but rewarding race. Funny it felt tougher than the Ironman.
BEADLE said…
Way to go Erin ! That is HARDCORE !

jason said…
Holy cow Erin does not have her podcast anymore but she does have a blog why did I not think of that before.
Anyway I am having fun reading when I can and look forward to keeping better in touch of what is going on.

Stuart said…
Chairlifts are always a bad sign!
Shazam said…
Hey Erin I was there - yes it has been the toughest - I actually changed back to the Sport after I ran the course the week before. Are you running Whistler next weekend?

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