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The 4 Hour Marathon Goal

Back in January when everyone was making New Year's resolutions, I really hadn't figured out my training goals for 2010.  I think this was the first year in quite a few that I didn't have at least one resolution.

I still don't have a resolution for 2010 but I do have a running goal.

I am going to run a 4 hour marathon at the BMO Vancouver Marathon in May.  The last time I ran this marathon was in 2002 when I ran about 4:40.  Since then, my marathon PR is 4:24:54 at the Florida Marathon in December 2009.  This was a hilly run and I feel like I can better the time.  Of course, bettering the time by 24 minutes is a lofty goal.

After scouring the Internets to find a suitable marathon plan, I decided to hire a local coach to help me achieve my goal.  I am now being coached by Calvin Gehlen of Finish Line Coaching.  Calvin coaches quite a few of The SAA members and is our official run coach.  If you are on Twitter, Calvin tweets as @FinishlineCoach.

With starting my new fabulous job and the Olympics being in town, I have had a pretty busy schedule.  My training has suffered a little but I am sure will be on track again next week.

So there you turning back now.  I have put it out there.  I am going to run a 4 hour marathon.

Happy Training!


BEADLE said…
If anybody can do it, you can Erin !

Mike W. said…
I know you will do it. Please help educate the rest of us and post your plans and your progress. Best of luck.
Chris said…
Erin, just wanted to let you know that I followed your podcast and training last year to your Iron finish. I was inspired to register for a middle distance tri (70.3) this September. Sending you wishes for great success in 2010 and in your marathon goals.

sneakersister said…
Erin, I know you can do it!
Brandon Wood said…
You can kill that Erin. Not a doubt in my mind!
cathy said…
You can do it Erin!

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