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Ironman Lottery

Last year, when the Kona Ironman Lottery was made available, I said "I would NEVER do an Ironman in Kona. It would be too windy and too hot!" Friends thought I was crazy as they filled out the lottery forms on-line and provided their credit card numbers for the lottery fee. I have watched Kona coverage on-line for many years thought it looked way to tough. I have been to Kona and know first hand how windy The Big Island is. No thank you!

Fast forward to today...I entered the Kona Lottery. $90 US and a few bits of information later, I now have 2 ballots in the lottery. There are 50 available lottery spots for International entries. For full Kona Lottery details click here.

After watching the Kona Championships on Universal Sport for most of last Saturday, I was sold. Having now completed an Ironman, I know how tough it is...but I also know how rewarding it is. I still have my plan of Ironman Canada 2011 but thought I would put my ballots in the Kona box. Who knows what will happen? Maybe I just donated $90 to the already rich Ironman brand? Maybe I will win the lottery? I can think of worse places to be in October 2010.

Winners will be announced on April 15, 2010 at noon EST (9am PST). Stay tuned.

Happy Training.


Your Parents said…
If you win, we'll be there.
Wow, good luck!!!! How cool would that be!!!
BEADLE said…
Wow ! Good Luck Erin !

Rae! said…
I am so excited for you!!! April so far off yet.
Runner Leana said…
Good luck! Thanks for the heads up, I think I'd like to enter too. Watching it was so inspirational, right?
Matt said…
that's motivating! Good luck on the drawing!
Shaunene said…
You go girl - I will cheer loudly for you and one day we may actually have a face-to-face. I now find out that you know my Guardian Angel Judith....
Stuart said…
Fingers Crossed!
Sandy said…
Hey - I'm curious how this works. I think I want to put in for the lottery for 2011 (assuming I survive Louisville 2010). It looks as if that is not "up yet" - yes? I am obviously easily confused...?

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