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Life Was Easier When I Was Training For Ironman

I sent this statement out the the Twitter world last week...

"Life was easier when I was training for Ironman"

Most people that replied were surprised although some understood. Here is the explanation for that statement.

When I was training for Ironman I had no time for socializing with friends, I didn't feel guilty about not cleaning up around the house, I didn't feel guilty about not cooking dinner, I didn't need to take Jamieson to soccer, x-country or the orthodontist. The school PAC understood if I missed a meeting or could not commit to taking on a special project. I missed family functions, my nephews birthdays and various other family get togethers. My friends and especially my family understood that my Ironman goal came first. I was selfish in my goal and no one EVER complained about it. They all supported me in this crazy journey and were just as excited as I was about it. All I had to do was work, eat well, sleep well and train.

Fast forward to today. I rushed home from work meeting downtown to pick up Jamieson from school. We quickly drove home and grabbed peanut butter toast for dinner the off to the the track. I am composing this post in a local coffee shop using their free WiFi while Jamieson is at x-country practice. In a few minutes I will leave the coffee shop and go back to the track to get him ready for his soccer practice. The good thing is that they are in the same location. Tim is at the hockey game tonight with a buddy enjoying well deserved fun time.

I am keeping up with my working out (running, going to the gym, and swimming) but sometimes I need to skip a workout or change my schedule for a PAC meeting, Strata meeting or SAA meeting. I have managed to say yes to everyone who has asked me to join a committee or a good cause. My calendar is jam packed with dinners with friends, activities with my family, and long overdue appointments I have been putting off.

I think I was so afraid to get the 'Post Ironman Blues" I have over compensated.

So, that is why my life was easier when I was training for Ironman. :-)


I totally agree, even though I havent done an IM, but now that the season is over, life is more hectic and stressful then it was during the season.
Lora Abernathy said…
ComPLETELY know what you mean and clearly many others do as well. Great post, Erin.

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