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Ironman Canada Race Report - Part 5

T2 – 7:08

As I dismounted my bike and started to run it into transition, a volunteer grabbed my bike to rack it for me. This is a wonderful feature of IM. I think all triathlons should have volunteers to rack your bike. Once my hands were free, I was off looking for my bike transition bag. A volunteer handed me my bag and I was off to the change tent.

In T2 I did a full costume change. I obviously have never been a model because this change too me a while. The change tent was less crowded for T2 than T1 but I didn’t have a personal volunteer helping me out. I dumped out my clothes, stripped out of my bike stuff and put on a new bra top, running shorts, SAA visor, new socks and a tri top for the run. Stuffed all my clothes in my T2 bag and went off to get lathered with sunscreen again. This time I was careful to make sure I covered my face (even though I had already gone over 7 hours with no sunscreen on my face).

As I was leaving the transition area I ran into and Again, what a treat to see people I follow on Twitter but have never met cheering me on. They were volunteering as catchers later in the evening. After some very quick hellos and thank yous, I was off and running…slowly but yes, I was running!


Penney said…
Go Erin Go! I missed the chance to cheer you on the day... so I'm cheering your race report on!!

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