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McLean Creek 180km (112 mile) Ironman Canada Bike Ride

So on Saturday, I rode the WHOLE Ironman Canada course. It was an amazing experience that I survived and lived to run after.

The day started at Lake Okanagan at 6am for a 6:10am swim start. After setting up my bike and transition gear, I was in the water for my 500m swim. The morning was very cool (10C) but he lake was relatively warm. After the quick 10min swim, I was out of water, out of my wetsuit and getting ready for my bike ride. Because the temperatures were so cold I put on a vest and arm warmers. Quite a difference from the 35C temperatures of 2 weeks ago.

Once out on my bike and through town, I settled in my long solo ride. Although I was riding with the Impact Coaching group, no one was really at the same level as me so they passed me early in the ride and I was pretty much on my own the whole way. Impact did provide a SAG wagon at a few key locations where I filled up with water and Gatorade but I packed all my own PowerGels and PowerBars.

Early in the ride at McLean Creek to saw a field of deer and then sawy this solo deer standing on the right side of the road. I quickly grabbed my Blackberry and took this picture. Great start to the morning.

The weather never really did warm up. I could see my breath going up Richter Pass and still felt cold at the 80km point of the ride.

I made it back to Penticton 7 hours and 9 minutes and 30 seconds after I left and felt tired but OK to run. I ran for 20mins and still felt good.

After this experience, I am very happy with my training and where my fitness is going into IMC.

I am ready!

Happy Training.


Slow Rider said…
You have come a long way. Hey i heard somewhere 337 is Lee upsidedown and backwords.
Funny huh
You are correct. 337 is LEE upside down and backwards...pretty tricky huh?
Sheila said…
You ARE ready. You have trained so hard. I am in awe. The whole idea of Ironman just boggles my mind still, even hanging out with all the tweeps on Twitter.
don said…
I did see you guys out swimming and biking on Saturday morning. However I only made it to Vaseux Lake because I ran over something that sliced my tire open and I could not repair it. The deer were cute though.

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