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Let the FUN Begin!

We are off to Penticton today. I am feeling excited and getting more nervous but basically OK still. All my training is done. I rode 80kms on Saturday and ran 60mins on Sunday. Now it really is just a few more short training sessions away to IMC!

The weather forecast has changed since my previous update. It is now looking more like 33-35C on Sunday. No problem...I have trained in hotter. :-)

All my lists have been made and my stuff is packed. Now all that is left is a few days of festivities and the BIG DAY!

For anyone who would be interested in following the race, you can log into on Sunday at 7am PST for coverage.

My number is 2396.

Happy training and racing everyone.


Nicole said…
Hey Erin,
So it IS this weekend! Congratulations on finishing the training - that's a big accomplishment in itself! I hope everything goes swimmingly this weekend and I'll definitely try to follow you on the site.

Shawn said…
Good luck this weekend! You put in the hours upon hours of training for this one moment in life. Treasure it! You will be an Ironman!
Rae! said…
Wow it's this weekend!! How can you contain yourself. I will definitely follow this weekend. Congratulations!!
You are going to be an Ironwoman!!!
Happy IronMan said…
Good luck! Can't wait to see the race report... We'll be tracking you down in Seattle!
BEADLE said…

Iain said…
33-35C would kill me.

Have a good race. Don't get too carried away and push the bike too hard. Nice and steady on the run is the way to go. Just keep moving forward and the end will keep getting closer. Most importantly just enjoy the day.

Having said all that, could you get a wriggle on. We're about 5hrs ahead of you over here so the quicker you finish the quicker I can go to sleep ;-)
Cathy said…
Go go go Erin! Have a GREAT race!

Congrats to you for getting through all of your training!

Chris Dahl said…
Erin, I want to wish you a joy-filled and strong race. I'm also an "age grouper" triathlete who just found your podcast. I am mulling over whether to try 70.3 or a "full banana" next year. Will look forward to your post race report. The woman who finishes is NOT the woman who starts. You are IRON strong!


Runner Leana said…
Good luck tomorrow Erin!!!
ross said…
Go Erin Go.
I'm following you online. Great swim
cliff_guy said…
NICE... Ironman...Ironwoman!!!
LEE, ERIN 17/81/90 38/W35-39 01:06:53 06:53:47 05:11:08 13:23:56
Chris Dahl said…
CONGRATULATIONS! I checked your times this morning. You rocked it. You're made of IRON!
Great Job IRONMAN ERIN! The most interesting person in the world is now an IRON MAN!!!

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