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Amazing Adventures of a pair of Flip Flops

Flip flops
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On the long weekend in Penticton, my flip flops went on a bit of adventure without me.

We finished our long bike ride on the IMC course at the Lake Skaha beach park. Tim packing up the X-Terra with all my gear when I asked Tim for my flip flops. I saw him grab them from the back then get in to the driver seat for our long drive up to the Apex Condo we rented. My feet were tired and I sitting with the AC on my barefeet was a very good feeling. About 40 minutes later we arrived at the condo and I asked Tim where he put my flip flops.

It was then that he realized that he had set them on the bumper of the X-Terra then driven off! I was too tired to really be upset and actually found the situation quite funny. Except that we were now 40 minutes out of town and I only had my bike shoes or runners to wear for the rest of the weekend. No worries, there is a Wal-Mart in Penticton that will have a cheap pair I can pick up.

After we cleaned up from the day we drove back into town for dinner, Tim suggested we go back to the beach park and see if the flip flops were still there. I laughed and said "Those were 'good' flip flops. Light Golden Havaianas Slim flip flops to be exact. Someone would have picked them up for themselves by now".

As we drove back to the beach park along the same route we left by, wouldn't you know it, I spotted my 'good' flip flops right in the middle of the intersection at Skaha Lake Road and Yorkton Ave right in front of Anthony's Pub. Tim pulled over and I quickly jumped out, checked for traffic then looked like a crazy lady picked up the flip flops from the middle of the intersection.

Amazingly, no one had taken them and they were in pretty much perfect condition. A little dirty from being run over a few times but still very wearable.

I took this photo of the flip flops today after my morning swim. You can see there look just like new. You would never know about their amazing adventure from looking at them.

I wonder what our next weekend trip to Penticton has in store for them?

Happy Training!


ebagger said…
I can't believe your Havaianas were still there! When I saw the photo I assumed those were your new flip-flops because they looked so great. I lost a pair of Merrells on my wedding day and still have pains thinking about it (4.5 years ago). A girl HAS to have her trusty flip-flops.

Stuart said…
Is this the sequel to the traveling pants, the stationary flipflops?

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