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Taper Week Activities

This week I will be tapering for the Victoria 1/2 Iron on June 21, 2009. Two weeks ago I took a day trip to Victoria to ride the course and swim the swim. Elk Lake was warm and calm. Hope it stay that way for the weekend. The bike course is hilly with no major climbs, just not a lot of flat places to really settle into aero position for too long.

Here is what my upcoming taper week looks like:

1 Sports Massage

1 Easy Run
1Fartlek Run

1 Open Water Swim
1 Easy Pool Swim

1 Easy Bike
1 Temp Bike

Friday as a REST DAY

Saturday when we arrive at the race sight, in addition to the mandatory pre-race meeting at 4pm and bike check in, I will be doing an easy bike, 10min transition run and a 15min swim in the lake.
I am ready to race!
Happy Training


Penney said…
Good luck Erin. You are going to have an awesome day!
BBC of Eugene said…
Hey dear, have a good'll do terrific, just relax and have put in the work, now let the body do the work. I'll be doing my first tri the day before in Enumclaw will be sending you good thoughts on sunday as I run my 8k run back in Oregon....take care


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