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Training in Review

March 15th marked the end of my first five weeks with my new coach. We had a good conversation on March 13th and discussed the my upcoming four weeks of training. This next block of training will be four weeks instead of five because Easter Base Camp is at the end of the 4th week.

During our conversation we discussed nutrition on the bike. Given that we will be riding some good distances at camp, I will have a chance to practice my nutrition. My plan is to use a combo of GU20, CarboPro, Shot Bloks, Gatorade, Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches, Banana Bread and water. Of course this could all change once I get out on the road and test it. For the Lake Stevens 70.3 I did last year, I used GU20, CarboPro and Shot Bloks with no problems. With IMC being 2x the distance and Gatorade provided on the course, I want to use it in my training to avoid any issues on race day.

Easter Camp is three full days of training with an optional fourth day ride. I am excited and nervous about it. I know it is the training I need to succeed at IMC but there is always that unknown that make my stomach churn a little bit. Will I be able to keep up on the bike? Will there be runners and riders around the same ability as me? Have I been training enough to be at the level I should be now? What gear do I bring? What will the weather be like? Will hotel we booked be clean and comfortable? LOL, I could go on but you get the idea. J

My plan is to bring my laptop and update daily from camp photos and all. Stay tuned for that!

During my first five weeks with Kevin, I went from 9 hours of training to 12 hours of training per week.

Here is what last week looked like for me from a training perspective:

90 minute Core Strength Class for Endurance Athletes

60 minute trainer ride in the morning
45 minute run in the evening

75 minute Masters Swim in the morning
90 minute Spin Class in the evening

60 minute run

75 minute Masters Swim in the morning

90 minute trainer ride

105 minute run in the morning
50 minute swim on my own in the afternoon

12 hours and 20 minutes for the week

Looking at the next four week, the hours will increase by about 1 or 2 hours. These are mainly due to bigger bike volume planned on Saturdays. Now is when I need to get outside and really build up the kilometres in preparation for camp. I printed off the bike routes in my area and plan to get some of my KMs in by commuting to work at least once a week. More to come on that...

Happy training!


Cathy said…
Erin! You are going to do so great! I just know it!
Anonymous said…
Great start to the training. I can't wait to see how things go. Sounds like you'll have everything under control.
Philip said…
Erin, I enjoyed our brief chat before, ive only had a few exchanges with yourself previous and mostly know your ame from everyone elses @replyies, that said it was great to put a voice to you.

I could also sense from that breif encounter that you knew what your talking abot ..un like me who rambles and it was great therefore to confirm ths with a visit to your blog..I know it will now be a point of call for Tri tips :-)

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