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Cold WET Ride

Originally uploaded by erinlesleylee
Not sure if a photo is worth 1000 words but I think this photo sums up my cold, wet and uncomfortable ride. Physically I felt great and I didn't let it get me down mentally until the last few kms. I was happy to be done.

Still waiting for the feeling to come back in my fingers and toes.

Check out the photo of my bike also. Note: no fenders. This made for an extra special level of wetness on my butt.

Good times!

Happy Training!


Jamie said…
Haha. There is nothing like a good case of mud butt to make that last km extra special
BEADLE said…
Brutal ! But that's awesome you still got out there and went the distance :)

I like the new look of your blog !

Penney said…
Yaa,uck. Good for you, me, I stuck indoors - then couldn't resist riding on Sunday with the sunshine.

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