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I Have a New Coach

Late last year and early this year, many pro triathlete changed coaches. Chrissie Wellington changed coaches twice, Simon Whitfield changed coaches and so did Belinda Granger and Hillary Biscay.

BREAKING TRIATHLON is official...Erin337 has also changed coaches. As of February 9th, 2009, I will be training with Kevin Cutjar.
I would like to thank Peak Centre for giving me a great base to build from. Paul, Mike and Lucy all gave me great support for my training and lactate testing. My plan is to continue to use Peak Centre for my lactate testing.

Now that I am training for Ironman Canada, I was looking for a coach who could provide me a holistic training program (swim, bike, run and nutrition) on a one on one level.

My new coach comes highly recommended by many of my SAA friends. Kevin lives in Penticton BC and has completed 30+ Ironman races and won the Ultraman challenge in 1995. He had great knowledge in both coaching and nutrition needs of Ironman athletes.

I am now a week and a half into his workouts and can already feel the difference. His spin workouts on the bike are especially challenging but I know they will get me to my goal.

Happy training!


Lora Abernathy said…
Congrats on the new coach. I need to get one myself...Have a great night!
Brad said…
Erin, That sounds great. I wish you the best with your training.
Lybbe said…
I hope this is the coach that will help you achieve your goal!
Shannon said…
Would love to see those "spin" workouts on your blog.

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