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Live Your Passion - Amazing Customer Experience

This post ends with "And that is why I love Live Your Passion, BUY STUFF FROM THEM!"

So, for those of you who have the time to read, here is the full story.

Quite a few months ago I started following @liveyourpassion on Twitter. Seemed like a good company offering nice looking after workout casual wear. Right up my alley.

In December, my husband surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas. In addition to booking the flight, hotel and restaurants, he had signed us up for the Run with Santa 5km run in Henderson, LV. It was a really fun and very well organized event. My husband came 1st in his age group and I came 3rd in mine. To top it off, my husband won a door prize of a $25 gift certificate to Fleet Feet Las Vegas.

After returning to the hotel for a shower and big breakfast, we headed out to find Fleet Feet and take advantage of the $25 gift certificate before we left town. Just a quick drive from The Luxor, we easily found Fleet Feet. The staff were extremely helpful and more than willing to help us spend the $25 and then some.

While in the store I noticed a display of t-shirts from Live Your Passion. I commented to one of the staff that I followed Live Your Passion on Twitter. She then told me about her friend Jill who was on Twitter, has a blog and also updates the Fleet Feet website. I immediately knew she was talking about Jill Will Run because I follow her blog. They raved about Live Your Passion clothing. They had a pretty good selection but I knew that there was a larger selection on their website. I chose not to buy there and decided to order over the Internet when I got home.

And that is exactly what I did. A couple of weeks after returning home, I ordered a shirt (pictured above) from the website. The process was easy but I was not sure if the order had been processed since I didn't receive a confirmation e-mail. I sent a Twitter DM to @liveyourpassion to let them know I had just placed the order. A few hours later I received a call from James Schaffer, one of the owners of Live Your Passion. My order had been received and he wanted to confirm the details. He advised me that the shirt was back ordered and it would be a couple of days before it could be shipped. Wow, was I impressed the service at that point.

About 10 days later that my shirt arrived. Because it was shipped from the US to Canada, I had to pay an additional $15 in taxes and fees to FedEx upon delivery. The shirt was exactly what I expected, fit great and is the softest cotton ever.

I thought I should send a Twitter DM to @liveyourpassion to let them know that Canadian orders may be charged the additional fee. The response I received was the ultimate WOW factor. James replied that he had paid FedEx $52 to ship me the shirt! The shirt was only $30 to begin with so this was crazy. James did not seem concerned about the shipping he paid, he was only concerned that I loved the shirt. WOW!

Long term, I would suggest to James and his business partner Josh Mather (also on Twitter) that this is not sustainable business practice. You will not make any money paying people to wear your gear! However, what is does prove is that these guys are serious about their product and their service to go above and beyond. I am certainly sold on their company and their philosophy.

And that is why I love Live Your Passion, BUY STUFF FROM THEM!


Jamie said…
Cool story. I've tweeted with them a couple times and love the look of their shirts, but I've recently cut my T-shirt budget so they got the axe unfortunately.
Great to know that the shirt is just as good in person and hopefully they find a way to stay in business. :-)
Anonymous said…
The folks at the LV Fleet Feet are still consistently sporting apparel from Live Your Passion. They're good people! That's a great customer service story you've posted!

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