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Feed Me!

This week was my recovery week in my training program. I did enjoy the shorter one a day workouts but I am still extraordinarily hungry. As part of my unspoken New Year's resolutions, I have planned to try and eat 1/2 as much as I usually do. This has proven to be challenging. I know I still need to keep a balanced diet but portion control is a challenge most of the time for me. Today was a good example of a typical eating day for me (not 'on track' however):

  • Peanut Butter Sandwich
  • 12 oz Accelerade
  • Grande Vanilla Ribios Tea at Starbucks

Snack when I arrived at work
  • Cup of fat free yogurt
  • Large spinach salad with 1 hard boiled egg and dressing

  • Butter Chicken with rice from Wok Box

  • Orange
  • Another cup of fat free yogurt


  • Authentic Chinese food dinner for a friend's 1 month baby party

I really need to focus on not getting over hungry and staying on track. I have been able to avoid alcohol and doughnuts with little effort in the first 9 days of 2009. This is a good thing.

Tomorrow, I have a trainer ride schedule and I may skip my Sunday run in lieu of snowboarding in Whistler. I have not been snowboarding in 2 years so that should be interesting.

Happy training!


ramster said…
a couple of suggestions

You didnt mention your reason for cutting your food by half (yikes!), but i assume it is to maintain or lose weight. this probably wont work, your body goes into strarvation mode and you will actually slower your metabolism, makign it harder to lose weight. why not simply try to maintain a 'normal' caloric intake, or if you must reduce by 10%. Watch you dont over do it. if you are feelign tired or stressed, increase your calories by 10% for a week and see what happens.

Rather than eating 5 or 6 times a day, try eating one large meal between 12 and 2. after that big lunch take a short, brisk walk. with a small snack in mornign and at night, you may find this worls better than spreading food out all day. your digestion is most active midday, and youll get more nutritional value of taken at this time. you may find this allws for the reduction of calries, because youll better absorb the food you take. try it for a week, it can be amazing!
I feel the need to explain what I was thinking when I said 'cut my food in half'. I really didn't mean eat 1/2 as much exactly.

I would like to lose a few lbs before IM Canada but only to be at a more ideal race weight.

I really meant cutting my portion size in half when eating out (which I do quite a bit). Restaurant portions (even in Canada) are usually too big and should be shared or cut in half.

Probably a better option for me is to eat only quality food that will fuel my training and not just taste good in the moment.

Thanks for your advice. I will give it a try.
cguy said…
Hey Erin, take a look at this

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