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Shout out to The SAA on Phedippidations Podcast

A couple of months ago I raved about The Age Grouper podcast and I remain a loyal listener and podcast junkie.

One of the latest additions to my iPod is Phedippidations. I learned about this podcast from listening to the 4FeetRunning podcast and the Runners Roundtable.
Steve Runner hosts Phedippidations and lives in Oxford, Mass. USA. The podcast is more professional than most since Steve has a background in radio and seems to really know technology.

A few weeks ago, via Twitter @steverunner, Steve asked for running club profiles so I sent him an e-mail highlighting The Steveston Athletic Association (SAA) that I belong to. I was overjoyed to receive a reply from Steve saying he would give the club a good mention in the next podcast.

Today I was excited to listen to episode #163 and hear not only The SAA mentioned but the E-Venti Marathon and my personal blog.

If you are interested in running and like to listen to your iPod while on your LONG runs, then try out a running podcast. There are a lot of great podcasts out there. Click here for a great list of running companions.

Happy Running!


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